Prague Tourism Information

The beautiful city of Prague is situated along the Vltava River in central Bohemia. Prague is the largest city and also the capital of the Czech Republic. The foundation of Prague dates back to the Paleolithic Age. The city was founded by Princess Libu’e and Premysl, her husband and founder of the Premysl Dynasty.

This city became the seat of Kings of Bohemia and an important place for trading. Prague has a number of nicknames, such as City of a Hundred Spires, The Golden City, The Left Bank of the Nineties, The Mother of Cities, and The Heart of Europe. Prague is the “Jewel in the Crown” of Central Europe and tourism plays an important role.

Its epic history has produced a vibrant city of stunning buildings and lovely old squares, with the result that today, Prague is one of the world’s most beautiful cities. As visitors have increased to Prague, tourism has become of vital economic importance to the city.

The effects of tourism in Prague are mostly positive. Much of the post-communism reconstruction and regeneration of Prague has been driven by tourism, as ancient buildings have been transformed into fine restaurants and stylish hotels.

Highlights of Prague

Prague Sights and Attractions

Prague Castle is the most prominent Prague tourist attraction. Set on a hill, it affords visitors fine views over the whole city. There are also excellent views to be had from these sights and attractions in Prague: Old Town Hall Tower, Old Town Bridge Tower, Lesser Town Bridge Tower, Klementinum, Jindrisska Tower, Petrin and Vysehrad.

Shopping in Prague

The quantity and quality of products available in the Czech Republic has improved dramatically since the early 1990s. The most prominent changes are noticeable in Prague where many new hypermarkets and shopping malls have appeared in the last several years.

The increased competition and consumer demand have resulted in a better selection, improving customer service and lower prices, making shopping a more enjoyable activity. There are various shopping malls and markets in the city where shopping can be done.

Prague Nightlife

Prague has a rich and varied nightlife that can offer the right type of entertainment to almost anyone. While pubs and restaurants are typically closed by midnight, many bars and clubs remain open and hopping until early morning hours. You can dance all night at one of Prague’s many discos and music clubs, have a cocktail or beer at a bar, and enjoy live music of all kinds.

Prague’s nightlife is all encompassing. Prague clubs spin their tunes from dusk ’til dawn, so whether you’re into serious clubbing or just a late drink and a quick dance, Prague is a good night out for one and all.

Prague is an increasingly popular tourist destination. It is really an amazing city to spend your vacations. You can plan your City Breaks in Prague with us. For more details, please visit


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